It was our immense good fortune to have photographer Alison Baskerville in the house to capture the working process. Here are some of her beautiful photographs from the event.

18394703243_da6a2a08d0_o 18829179049_1090bebd79_o 18829174669_7e81300b40_o 18829155079_b609629ebb_o 18829153849_d63abc8376_o 18829148899_145da0fe76_o 18829147159_d6b59693be_o 18827746968_becb6c4f16_o 18827739238_a387793806_o 18827737428_6b46da3eb0_o 18827715998_074ed18621_o 18827711240_b826c8b1db_o 18827694120_1d68a6a539_o 18827678170_099aa3f0d4_o 18827672790_35c524cfe6_o 18827669620_c46474cbb5_o 18827652900_cf50132054_o 18394731843_e872314233_o 18394717173_925e29a70e_o 18394716803_7759a4e8ee_o 18394704053_837dfd0644_o 18394685933_fee53229f6_o 18394682063_d0066af8f3_o 18394681413_97219bd7f3_o 18392835584_79866daf98_o 18392834814_c7e8b6efa8_o 18392832814_5fcb673c3d_o 18392831514_761766a3b7_o 18392821544_c88577a73b_o 18392807514_e8ae5f3856_o 18392806604_e2a8695b32_o 19018485211_061d057797_o 19018481141_7b773c33d1_o 19018475961_c1b6d734b3_o 19018470531_6b8948c10a_o 19018463421_1e92fd1799_o 19018454881_fbd89d5208_o 19018449741_015bec891f_o 19018446871_3c6a89edcd_o 19018436051_908215115a_o 19018433621_4753ece310_o 19018431331_a0ffa2ce12_o 19015421285_969595919b_o 19015394445_d32c13c606_o 19015393765_d9d75107ba_o 19015391755_8303fcbd93_o 19009907892_fe8393f5c1_o 19009894962_cfdefc54e6_o 19009888122_b975dec1eb_o 19009876122_de0a62e2c0_o 18989159136_eec9e3dd1d_o 18989151426_7b85c3859c_o 18989129426_3b6116f710_o 18989128156_2e88925db9_o 18989113626_007806f2d2_o 18829200199_b30db0e77d_o 18829197789_374eda22bd_o 18829180729_a588a1bc6d_o 18829179929_68ff2a279e_o

For more of Alison’s work visit

I also point you toward Jen’s photos from the event – how she had the patience to photograph every single Post-It note is beyond me!

And if you are an aficionado of blurry, grainy, badly framed photography here’s a link to my photos from the event

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