Videos from the event are now on YouTube:

A New Godmother

Ash in the Attic

Mother Says

Abused by Magic


The Disney Complex and other tales


Basic Bitch

The Birds and the Lentils

Cinderella Blues

House Walkthrough

Rehearsal: How can I leave you?

More will be added as I process them.

Just to note; for speed of upload I have reduced the quality of these, but I have higher resolution versions should anybody require them.

*ALSO* In the run up to the event Jenifer Toksvig ran a series of provocation interviews, with a whole host of creatives, exploring what might inform the making of work in the Tiny Shows format.

Telling Tiny Tales Jen Toksvig is joined by storytellers Stella Duffy and Joanne Harris, to talk about telling tiny tales and making seriously short shows. –

Tiny Shows: hopes and fears Jenifer Toksvig is joined by two Women Who Write Musicals, Buffy Sharpe and Linda Walton, to chat about our hopes for the event, and also the things that make us nervous. –

Tiny Shows in Tiny Corners Jenifer Toksvig talks to Slung Low’s Alan Lane about making, and taking risks with, site-specific theatre. –

Tiny Shows: Reaching the Audience Jenifer Toksvig talks to Coney’s Annette Mees, and game maker Holly Gramazio, about engaging and involving the audience in storytelling. (Complete with evil echoes, and the momentary loss of Annette – all the special joys of live broadcasting through Google Hangouts!) –

Tiny Shows: fast acting Jen Toksvig talks to performer Sophie Trott who will be taking part in the upcoming Tiny Shows event, about what it’s like to make improvised / devised / fast work in a collective. –

For more of Jen’s videos from the weekend visit The Larder’s Tiny Shows playlist here.

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